Member Spotlight: Meet Kelly!

by Jan 31, 2021Community

Swing Dance Adelaide - Meet Kelly


Kelly has been in our scene for a number of years. A dancer of many talents, when she’s not lindy, blues or balboa-ing with us, she can also be found in the belly-dance studio! We still like to believe that her first love sways on the side of syncopation.

Favourite Song:
Well, I love to Bal to Bei Mir Bist du Shein. Which version you ask? Ahhh..don’t ask me that…I like them all! I mean you can’t go past Ella right?…Or Goodman…nope I can’t choose. My great grandfather spoke only Yiddish and I love hearing a few words of the old language in this song and I feel a lovely spirit when I dance to this.

Favourite Moment in Dance:
For me it’s all about connection. A connected dance is a great dance. Connection allows the mind to quiet, which allows space for listening and curiosity…tell me who you are? What is the story you want to share with me in this moment? Not in words…but in pulse and gesture and aliveness. Moments of dance that stand out for me are usually the quieter ones – perhaps in pure Bal, where there is a subtle offering of change of rhythm or intensity. Beautiful, intimate, un-demanding.

Tell us something of yourself outside of dance:
I mean is there anything outside of dance? Just kidding…I mean really is there? When I am not swing dancing, I am Belly Dancing – dancing at restaurants and private functions around Adelaide. Of course, I wish this was enough to pay off my mortgage but alas – so I work as a social worker in the field of complex trauma.  I have this hilarious business for tax purposes that is part belly dancing and part clinical supervision and consultation around working with trauma…I need a business name…any suggestions?? Oh…and I really like chickens and have two that hang out with me in my city abode.