Member Spotlight: Meet Hannah!

by May 21, 2021Community

Swing Dance Adelaide Spotlight - Hannah


Favourite moment/ memory in dance?
I’m not a big performer in general, but one of my favourite memoires was performing a Collegiate Shag routine to ‘Posin’ to Jimmy Lunceford as part of a small Hot Shag Shuffle troupe we had in 2019 (Shoutout to Ryan, Penny and Nathan!) We collaboratively choreographed the routine over a number of months with weekly practises to stretch our dance skills and challenge ourselves, and I think it was the whole process that made the final performance so satisfying.

Favourite dancer?
I’m going to answer locally and say Swing Out Adelaide’s own Matty Carter. I find it easier to admire dancers who you can dance with, and learn from, in person rather than just watching on screen.

Favourite artist/band?
For swing dancing.. Lionel Hampton. Outside of Swing.. right now I’m loving Electric Fields, Philip Glass and the Hamilton Soundtrack

Is there something you are looking forward to?
Getting a new Collegiate Shag troupe started at some stage! Of all the swing styles it’s definitely my favourite.. the high energy and playfulness gets me so energised, so I can’t wait to get into it more regularly when the stars align. Anyone out there who might be interested give me a shout

What are you working on at the moment in your dance?
I’ve been working on getting my feet moving for fast lindy recently, and have been loving quick feet drills and the Mama Stew as weekly class warmups in the last block of Swing Out Adelaide classes.

Tell us something about your self outside of dance!
I’m one of the founding directors of small design business called Post Dining, where we create immersive food/art experiences, workshops and events that playfully re-imagine the relationship between people, food and the environment. We focus heavily on the future of food and actively incorporate Aboriginal perspectives and native food into all of our events. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like to know more!