Member Spotlight: Meet Blake!

by Nov 7, 2020Community

Swing Dance Adelaide Member Spotlight - Blake

Member Spotlight: Meet Blake!

When he’s not making vintage-inspired hats for his business Blakesby Hats, you can find Blake on the social floor or volunteering in the swing dance community (quite often donning his eclectic collection of vintage wear).

What got you hooked on swing dancing?
I don’t really recall what exactly got me hooked on swing dancing. I guess it was just a hobby so seemingly linked to a vintage interest, that it just made sense. I enjoyed it, and I liked the new friends and acquaintances I made within, so I stuck with it.

If you could go anywhere or any time in history to dance to any swing era band or artist live, who would it be and why?
I’d probably just want to be in New York [sometime before or after the pandemic] to see Dandy Wellington & His Band again. Dandy is one of the few African American trad jazz band leaders today, and a good friend of mine with a couple of my hats.

What is your favourite song to dance to?
I prefer lindy at slower tempos, where you have time to hit those sweet stretches, with ample room to think and space to style. Though my ideal would have to be early trad jazz (Kid Ory, and Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings are always great), for a good circle of peabody (when I can find someone to dance it) and some 1920s partnered charleston.

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